Big thanks to ddthj/GoslingUtils for the basis of VirxERLU. However, VirxERLU improves upon many things. This includes pathfinding, shot validation, and aerials. It also adds many things, like support for TMCP and a GUI for debugging. This also improves on the general performance of the agent.


VirxERLU is a series of utilities for RLBot. All code in this repositry is in the public domain, so you can edit and distribute the code however you want to.

I made VirxERLU because it forces me to keep innovating on my bot in order to stay ahead of the curve. Any code in my bot VirxEB is NOT in the public domain.

VirxERLU will be updated after every tournament with the latest, stable features of VirxEB.

Things to delete

In the root folder, you can delete CNAME and _config.yml.


The wiki is the best way to get general information about VirxERLU.


If you’re going to use VirxERLU, be sure to watch the GoslingUtils tutorial first. The VirxERLU tutorial is only for the differences between the utils.